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Welcome To The {Ju$} Website 

Welcome to the {Ju$} Clan Website for the games Vietcong, Battlerfield, Call Of Duty, Urban Terror, Counter Strike Source, Half-Life 2 and many more. Please feel welcome to browse our site to find out more about us..

You can turn the music off using the small gray bar right at the very bottom of the page.



 Joining or Challenging* {Ju$}


* - You must be a proper Clan that has a Website/Forums + a Clan E-mail address 

If you would like to, or are interested in joining {Ju$}, please simply visit our Guest-Book and post a request including your Vietcong name, age, location, level of skill.



Queen Kicking some Ass! 


Keep checking back on the guest-book to see our follow up instructions and your conformation of having joined successfully.

 If you would like to challenge {Ju$} to a Clan War, please simply visit the Guest-Book and post the challenge, including your Clans name / The time and date you wish to play on / Your preferred maps + a contact website or e-mail address for us to get back to you.

Please take the time to view our Training Video page where you can learn how to get to some cool spots on the different maps, the Arroyo Map Training Videos are now complete, videos for the others maps will be added in time.



{Ju$} Welcome


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